"Once A Waqf Always A Waqf"
"Allah will give you more than you've expected"
"Stronger Believer Is More Beloved To Allah"
"When you have taken a decision, put your trust in Allah"

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Shri S.P. Singh Teotia, 

Secretary, Central Waqf Council (Addl. Charge)

P-13 & 14, Sector-6, Pushp Vihar,
Opposite Family Court, Saket, New Delhi-110017
Telephones No.: 011-29562146/47
Fax No.: 011- 29562137
Email id: secycwc.wakf[at]nic[dot]in

Website URL: http://centralwaqfcouncil.gov.in


Secretary, Central Waqf Council(Addl. Charge)

Shri S.P. Singh Teotia secycwc.wakf[at]nic[dot]in 011-29562146/47 201
Assistant Administrative Officer (Addl. Charge) Dr. Md. Khurshid Warsi admn[at]wakf[dot]gov[dot]in 011- 29562146/47 220
Assistant Accounts Officer Shri Inam-ur-Rehman account[at]wakf[dot]gov[dot]in 011-29562146/47 204
Assistant Law Officer Shri Md. Afzalul Haque legal[at]wakf[dot]gov[dot]in 011-29562146/47 207
Development Officer(DO) Dr. Md. Khurshid Warsi development[at]wakf[dot]gov[dot]in 011-29562146/47 208
Accountant Shri Syed Mohd. Obed account[at]wakf[dot]gov[dot]in 011-29562146/47 206