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Accessibility Statement


We are committed to ensure that the Central Waqf Council Portal is easily accessible to all users irrespective of the device, resource, technology or ability used. This portal has been created with the objective of providing maximum accessibility and ease of use to the users. As a result, this portal can be accessed from various resource devices such as desktop/laptop computer, web-enabled mobile device.


We have made our best efforts to ensure that the information provided on this portal is easily accessible to persons with disabilities. For example visually impaired person can easily access this portal by using assistive technologies like screen readers and magnifiers.


We also aim to follow the standard compliance and usability and universal design which will help all the users of this portal.


This portal has been designed using GGSDS 1.0 Infectious to comply with the website guidelines of the Government of India at the level of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 prescribed by the World Wide Web Consortium. can also be followed. Partial information on this portal is also made available through links to external websites. The external websites are maintained by the respective departments responsible for making these sites accessible.


The Central Waqf Council is working in the direction of providing a portal for persons with disabilities. However, at present the Portable Document Format (PDF) is not accessible. Further, the information provided in Hindi language is not accessible.


If you have any problem or have any suggestion regarding the accessibility of this portal. So please write to us on the post so that we can respond to your assistance. Be sure to let us know the nature of the problem along with your contact information.


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